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customer benefits

Forty ExR-2 Robots have been deployed since 2021

Customers include:


Saudi Aramco



and many other large hydrocarbon companies

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During 2023, ExR-2 Robots drove 860 kms, performed 6,890 missions and collected information from 125,305 points of interest.

They've shrugged-off European winters, Singaporean rain and Middle Eastern heat.

Benefit from our robots:

gather data

autonomous inspections

inspect facilites

remote inspections

detect fugitive emissions

emissions detection


Methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Petrochemical companies are subject to legislation to reduce methane emissions. These are enforced by satellite surveillance.

ExR-2 can be fitted with gas detectors that <span class="underline">detect seepages</span> before they become <span class="ring">leaks</span> (and are detected by satellites).

Customers programme these robots to perform autonomous emissions detection rounds two or three times each day.

If a robot detects gas, it alerts the customer's operations team.

respond to incidents

first response


Our robots reduce risk to human lives.

We send <span class="ring">brave</span> people to assess hazardous situations. Examples include:

  • Identify sources of fire and the condition of shut-off valves.
  • Find a person that's been overcome by noxious fumes.
  • Operate inside a blast wall to dismiss or diagnose potential issues.
  • Locate poisonous snakes.

Remotely controlled ExR-2 robots can investigate with <span class="ring">no risk to humans.</span>

If the robot is already on location, response times can be quicker than deploying an emergency response team, and the team will be better informed when it arrives on location.